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Biblioteca: Oxford Storyland Readers: Anna at the Supermarket Level 1
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Título:      Oxford Storyland Readers: Anna at the Supermarket Level 1
Categorías:      Llengua
LibroID:      1760
Autores:      Carol MacLennan
ISBN-10(13):      0195861310
Editorial:      Oxford University Press
Fecha de publicación:      20-06-1996
Number of pages:      16
Idioma:      Non especificado
Imagen:      cover

Product Description
This reader is part of a primary reading series which introduces young learners to the world of reading. The series is carefully graded according to 12 levels of reading ability and controlled using specially designed computer software. The aim of this is to promote a gentle progression in language development and generate a sense of achievement in young learners. Each reader in the series includes puzzles every four pages which provide reinforcement of the content. Comprehension-type questions are provided at the end of the book and these are designed to check the learners' global and specific understanding of the story. The books at levels 7-12 are more factual pieces. The aim of this is to relate to the learners' own experience and encourage a genuine interest in reading.


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