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New English conversation teachers

Ms. Adams and Mr. Shamray are our new English conversation teachers from Canada. They provide daily conversation classes and prepare and deliver interactive presentations to students on a variety of topics. From time to time, they design cross-curricular activities and projects, they create conversational materials to improve student’s fluency and pronunciation and they also assess student’s oral performance through rubrics.

During the first week, Ms. Adams gave an introductory presentation to Year 5, Year 6 and ESO 1 students. This is the summary of Sofia’s and Maria’s notes taken in class:

“Our new conversation teacher is called Ashley Adams. She is from Canada from a province called British Columbia. Specifically she lives in a small town, Lake Country. Canada is known for hockey, poutine, maple syrup and for being very cold. In Canada they have two official languages: English and French. But English is more popular than French.

In the summer time she likes to go boating, to go on her kayak, to go on excursions, to eat fruit and she also likes to dance. She finished her 3rd year in Psychology in the University British Columbia Okanagan. Finally, she explained us that psychology is the study of the mind and of behavior.”

Mr. Shamray also gave a similar presentation to ESO2, ESO3, ESO 4 and Batxillerat 1 students. His presentation had some cultural aspects and Canadian trivia, and he gave some more personal information about his interests and Political studies. This is the summary of Mònica’s notes taken class:

“The other day Mr. Shamray gave us a presentation about the country where he was born and where he lives: Canada. After this, he also explained things about his life.

In Canada there are 35 million people and therefore there are many different religions, lifestyles and cultures. Therefore, we can say that it is a country where many different people live together. That gives us the impression that it is a really inclusive country. Canada is formed by 10 provinces and 3 territories. Looking at the country in a rather superficial way we can conclude that the west is where there is more vegetation and nature, on the east coast there are more beaches and islands, and the north of Canada is mostly uninhabited.

The official languages of Canada are English and French. Although many other languages are also spoken but in a minority. Since its founding, Canada’s official sport is lacrosse, but the most popular sports are ice hockey and curling. About food, one of the most famous dishes is poutine, originally from the province of Quebec.

Mr. Shamray is from Brandon (the second-largest city in Manitoba). Currently, he’s studying at the University of British Columbia, but during this school year he’s in Barcelona working as a conversation teacher. One of his passions is playing the piano. He also likes listening to music by singers like Kanye West and Bruce Springsteen.”


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