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At Escola Sant Gregori we believe that music is a very important subject for the development of our students. Music enhances creativity and expressiveness, helps to improve concentration and acquire good study habits, encourages working as a group, strengthens social relationships and increases self-confidence.

Above all, we know that music is an artistic language that allows us to communicate and enjoy ourselves in a unique way. Our goal is to make music part of the lives of students and enable each of them to enjoy playing it or listening to it. With this in mind, we provide the appropriate levels and knowledge outlined in the Ley Orgánica de Educación while at the same time we adapt our teaching to the pace of each student. To succeed in this task, students must feel encouraged and driven at the same time.

We also want our students to develop as persons through music so that when they leave the school as adults they will bring music with them.

Many years have passed since we created our music school, and year after year it has grown and improved. Because of this, a huge and definitive step has recently been taken. As part of the renovations being carried out at Escola Sant Gregori, a significant section has become the new facilities for the music school. We have a magnificent space to relaunch our project: additional, more adequate rooms and an auditorium with a grand piano. In this way, we can also extend the hours of after-school music and be available to the growing neighbourhood around the school.

At the same time, the music school will continue to provide after-school learning activities integrated into the framework of the school with regard to both timetables (until primary year 4, students will continue to do music within school hours) and its operation.

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