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The music program at Escola Sant Gregori forms part of school life while at the same time sets out to achieve its own particular goals. To this end, we have an excellent team of experienced teachers. The subjects offered include:

Music theory: We believe in music theory as a tool that will provide students with the necessary elements to understand music and play it with an instrument.

Harmony: Practical knowledge of harmony is crucial to the understanding of music as a language and it helps us to develop personal creativity. To communicate in any language we need to both speak and write in it.

Group playing: We have various music groups to enhance the experience of performing music as a group: children's string orchestra, youth string orchestra, band, guitar group, big band, pop and jazz combos, chamber group, and choir.

Instruments: We offer individual lessons for violin, cello, guitar, piano, saxophone, clarinet, flute, drums, electric guitar and electric bass.

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