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Sant Gregori School is located in two different settings. At Arimon Street, the school facilities offer an ideal environment for our youngest children, the boys and girls of Nursery 1 and Nursery 2. From Nursery 3 to Secondary school, all courses are taught at Bellesguard facilities, at 11-15, Carles Riba Street.


Entrance, Auditorium, Library, Playgound, Music Classroom, Terrace. 




The facilities there were not all built at the same time, and they each have a history of their own.

The school itself started as a boarding school in 1955-56 in the Pyrenean spot of La Molina. However, it was soon relocated to Barcelona and gradually settled into different buildings, the first being a beautiful Modernist house at Ganduixer Street, which unfortunately, no longer exists.




In 1966, a few parents acquired the land where the current facilities are built: a privileged site at the foot of the Collserola hills, with jaw-dropping views over the city of Barcelona and facing the Mediterranean Sea. Such a location offers a superb environment to embrace our school project.

The current school was built in two different phases: the first was carried out by the architect Jordi Bonet in 1966 and the second was developed by the architect Jordi Figueras in 1974. The natural beauty of the spot was crowned by the quality of the newly- built facilities, which welcomed all types of educational activities and sports.

In 2005-2006, while celebrating our 50th anniversary, we felt the urge to enlarge and improve our facilities. We had two targets in mind: the first being the inclusion of Nursery 3 up in Bellesguard, and the second being the need to provide the school with an adequate space to hold the never-ending vitality which characterises our daily school routines: festivals, cultural events, art exhibitions, music concerts, theatre plays, conferences, lectures, etc.

The decision was taken to have proper classrooms and playgrounds for the young ones at the Nursery school and well-conditioned rooms for the Music school. We also incorporated a lecture hall and theatre, with adequate environmental and acoustic conditioning to embrace all the activities which were already taking place at the school.

The challenge then was to enlarge the facilities in a way in which the new buildings could become perfectly integrated and harmonised with both the pre-existing ones and the natural surroundings. Such task was undertaken by the Coll-Leclerc architects between 2009 and 2011 with outstanding results.