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Language Education Project

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Escola Sant Gregori defines itself as an escola catalana, and as such gives absolute priority to the Catalan language as a working language and as a subject of study.

The school's language project is based on the principles outlined below, which are subsidiary to the above-mentioned but equally important.

1.     Linguistic competence in the mastery of any foreign language in all aspects requires, as an essential precondition, an excellent command of one's own language.

2.     The spoken word is as important as the written word. Only those who speak well and know how to make use of the plasticity and the possibilities of spoken language are able to optimally develop their competence in written language.

3.     Continued practice guarantees a good assimilation of the skills acquired. For this reason, we dedicate more hours than required by law to Spanish and English instruction in all educational stages.

4.     The particular political and social situation in Catalonia demands an in-depth knowledge and complete command of the Spanish language.

5.     Our society requires extensive knowledge of English, above all as a vehicular language.

6.     Our history, our culture and our geographical location also requires a sufficient, if not profound, knowledge of French.

7.     The school pays close attention to the vitality of our society. With this in mind, should the mastery of other languages such as Chinese or German be required, we will take the initiative to respond to these new circumstances.

8.     Learning the first foreign language, English, begins with immersion starting in year 2 in nursery school, followed by systematic study in the first year of primary education.

9.     In the second year of primary school and in secondary school, integrated and thematic projects are introduced. Students develop strategies for active communication in English class, known as Content and Language Integrated Leaning, or CLIL.

10.     Starting in the third cycle, or final two years, of primary school continuing on to the baccalaureate programme, English is also used as a lingua franca to present content in other subjects, such as history or science. The continuous evaluation tools used to assess the levels achieved in language competences are las pruebas del Sr. Galí, which were designed by Jordi Galí following in the footsteps of his father Alexandre Galí and have been used at the school since 1956. These tools allow us to objectively measure the levels of Catalan, Spanish, English and mathematics in each of the class groups and proceed accordingly in light of the results obtained.

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