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Dining Hall

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Escola Sant Gregori has two dining halls. One of these rooms is for the Kindergarten students, which is located in the María Montessori building. The other room is for Primary and Secondary students, and it is located in the Alexandre Galí building.

For us the dining hall is an extension of the classrooms. It is a space and a privileged moment to continue the educational work entrusted to us.

• It is a place that is especially suited to working on healthy eating habits.

Gifted with its own kitchen, the dining hall offers the boys and girls a varied menu, with seasonal products, often locally produced, and simple and flavourful creations based on traditional cooking.

The high quality products - fresh fish, country meat, fruit and vegetables that are locally produced and in-season - together with the professional and balanced creations, allow us to promote within our students a taste for eating, and a taste for eating well.

• This provides an ideal occasion to work on independence, good habits and good education.

Our dining halls are large, bright and have spacious tables, where the boys and girls find suitable conditions to eat in tranquility, and acquire or consolidate the habits that guarantee a good atmosphere and healthy ingestion.

They sit correctly, make good use of the cutlery, speak without shouting, pay attention to what they eat, clean with napkins, and in the end, generally behave in a correct way, allowing everyone to savour the food and enjoy the good company.

The dining hall monitors are not simply overseers, but educators who are watching to ensure these objectives are being met.

• It creates an optimal moment to work on socialization, and promote, through the experience, the values of coexistence.

Teachers and students of all ages eat in the same space, and the oldest students are examples to the youngest students.

The boys and girls in Kindergarten education are in charge of setting the table and taking care of the items that are needed, like bibs and napkins, which are collected in a basket when it is necessary to take them home to wash them.

In Primary and Secondary, the students are responsible, in turns, for serving their classmates: to watch to make sure the jugs of water are filled, to clean the tables, and to sweep the floor at the end. The oldest also pass out lists before starting to eat. Serving the others and worrying about the needs they may have is the best way to encourage attitudes of solidarity in a genuine manner, which is not merely rhetorical.

• Each student returns their tray, cup and cutlery to the place where they are cleaned, and put their remaining food into different garbage bins to be recycled.

The leftover food is delivered to institutions that have soup kitchens, and the organic waste is reused in the form of compost for the school’s ecological garden. The students participate in everything and gain, this way, a social and ecological conscience. The students of the Third Year of ESO work together, as well, with the dining hall monitors to help the boys and girls of the First and Second Year of Primary who require more attention.

The link with the families is promoted through the recommendations that we make for dinner every day of the week – the objective being to ease the work of parents of thinking of complete, healthy, and balanced meals.

Escola Sant Gregori also offers a canteen service for Primary and Secondary.

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